Are they intelligent?

Well, it depends how you see intelligence, of-course. Classically, I guess, it's defined as reasoning, the ability to see a connection between two or more sets of circumstances.

It comes as a surprise to many people that, with all the training I do, I dont see the llama as having great intelligence. Trainability yes, "a hundred times yes" for some of them, but the training I do does not require intelligent thinking; it is based purely on conditioning and association. In its simplest form, a certain movement or posture will bring about a reward. The llama repeats what brought the reward: nothing smart about that.

But why do folk get so wound up about llamas being intelligent? Do they think it makes them superior to other animals? What's superior about intellect? Man with his intellect has unquestionably made a mess of this planet and killed his fellow homo sapiens in their millions. Llamas dont behave like this. I've yet to hear of a llama polluting the planet. I've yet to hear of a llama killing another llama

Llamas inferior? Never!