Revised (yet again!) March 2011

I guess this website is unique in several senses...

For a start, it is really only about what one might see as one small aspect of llama-ownership, that of training, and mostly off-lead at that.. Many llama owners concern themselves with interesting and worthy aspects such as breeding, conformation, coat-management, showing, husbandry, shearing/spinning, veterinary care, etc. All of these things are already covered on the Internet in Llama websites and in many instances, covered magnificently. Google will take you there if you want this info'. But my special interest has developed along the lines of behaviour and trainabilty, because it is the marked degree of the latter in llamas that has really got to me. And got to me in a BIG way!

Again, at this time of updating (March 2011),much of my website is about just two, yes, only TWO llamas: Oscar and Toby. And an alpaca named Banksy. It is a site about how far I can go in the training of each, and how far each one can go in his response to me.

And finally...I think my site is unique because I have nothing, but nothing, to sell. I haven't seen another llama website that is completely non-commercial. (If there is one, please tell me.) In a sense, this gives me a greater freedom to be honest about my animals. I felt this very strongly a few months ago when I was having trouble haltering almost all of them. Had I been in the business of breeding and selling, I must just have been tempted to keep the problem to myself, rather than let it be generally known and inviting suggestions.

One day I might get around to writing a book about my training experiences, but to date all I'm selling is my passion about llama-training.. and that will cost you only your time.

llama displaying its trainability