Maggie, born in 1998, had spent years in an Adventure Park here in UK, before coming to me as a potential pairs-driving llama
Thomas was born on our farm in April 2002. He has been trained from birth.


Dillon was born in October 2001. I bought him as a 6 month cria.

This is D avid, my very first llama. He was born in July 2000. He came to me as a nervous animal: indeed it took two years before I could catch him. Now he catches me!

This is Toby wearing a halter three miles too big. He came to me as an unhandled 5 month old. He and Oscar are full brothers.

Oscar was born May 2005 and bought in at 5 months old as an unhandled animal.

With David, Dillon,Thomas, Mary-Ann and Maggie I do basic training only, though this is continually worked at. There is always room for improvement!
Oscar and Toby have basic training, constantly reinforced. But they also work with me in "Just For Fun" exercises.
This is Mary-Ann, born in 1997. She has become a very good driving-llama for me...but that's another story!