fresh banana
dried banana coins
alfafa chips
rabbit treats
pony nuts



Any commercial Llama food....Usually sold in sacks and used for winter feeding. In winter, if I am training intensively, I feed entirely by hand, eking out the ration

Horse herbal sticks............ In UK, and almost certainly USA, these can be found in any horsey shop. They are about 2" long and as fat as your thumb. And hard! I cut into fours with secateurs. These are, infact, my main training tool. All my llamas and alpaca kill for 'em.

Mints...........Go easy because these are sugar. In UK you can buy Polos or Extra Strong. In USA I think they are "Life Savers". I cut these up into pieces with secateurs. Imperials are too big and hard!

Banana.......Three of my herd love fresh banana, particularly the skin. I cut banana coins.

Dried banana.........Any supermarket or health store sells these. Already cut into hard coins too. But quite pricey!

Sultanas & Raisins.......It took awhile for my herd to learn to like these, but now they're hooked.

Alfafa...I've found a pet shop that does alfafa stix for rabbits. Expensive, but all mine will kill for these.

Pony Nuts............Any horsey person in UK knows these .Little grey sticks about an inch long. If I'm finely shaping behaviour and rewarding frequently, I just give one.

Rabbit treats.... Many of the treats (often highly coloured) sold in pet stores for rabbits, have proved delicious for my gang.

Crushed peas....These are dried and light green. Small and handy.

Crushed corn......As above, except that they're yellow!

Chinchilla Stix ...... These are like miniature pony nuts, grey and about half an inch long. Delicious!

Locust beans .......Any UK pet store sells them. I dont know about the States. It's funny looking stuff. Tastes very sweet.

Grain .....pure wheat grains. My lot love it.

Sugar Cubes.......Yes, I give these as a very, very special reward for "Jackpot" achievement. They are very bad for the figure and probably the teeth too.

Carrots ............. I cut them into "coins" or sticks.

Apple .......Particularly sweet apples, cut into slices.





Someone has done!... I have not tried these myself, but a llama-owner tells me her llamas enjoy most of the above and also: fresh coconut, mango, melon skin (that's honeydew melon), raw fresh peas, raw sweet corn, Frosties and Sugar Puffs, which are breakfast cereals here in UK. Any more?!

Before you read this list and try any yourselves, bear in mind that llamas need to be TAUGHT to like this stuff. Mints, apples, bananas and raisins are not part of their natural diet in S America. When first offered almost anything from the list below, all my camelids showed disinterest, even suspicion. "Go on, Try it" I would say. It took awhile. My eight camelids are a mixed bunch, but all of them now enjoy all the things below. With the possible exceptions of carrot and apple, I can use them all for rewards.

DONT FORGET ! If you're an owner in UK, we're seeing an obesity problem with our camelids. So if you're giving treats, why not break them into weeny, mean portions ! ! !

And finally... training using operant conditioning methods is NOT about chucking food at llamas. If you are needing to give treats once a behaviour has been taught, then either that training is insecure or else you are probably bribing. In training, the treat follows the behaviour. In bribery, the treat precedes it.