..or "the statue game"


With rising, I use the clicker, though it is probably as simple to use my voice. From the kushed position, I simply hold a treat over the head of the seated llama so that it is just out of reach no matter how high he stretches his neck. How cruel! To begin with, the second he thinks about rising, I click and reward, lowering the reward to within his reach. Thereafter, he gradually has to do a little more about getting up to earn that click and peppermint. (I hope my vet isn't reading this!). We thus progress to complete rising. Then I introduce the word "Upper" to describe the activity and, even more gradually, start to substitute the reward-in-hand for just the hand. Gradually, I develop a hand movement just above the nose, a kind of upward sweep (see video). I use the word "upper" rather than "up" as the former is more distinctive.



The rising command
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January 27th 2011: I've again been working at this one with the alpaca this week. He learnt very quickly last November..once I realised that I had my hand-signal so close to his nose that he couldnt see it! 'Trouble with doing an "Arise" practice is that you have to keep kushing the animal to get the up. 'Bit like a jack-in-the-box!

It's so convenient being able to get him up quickly!