Shuffle in combination (Oscar)
March 7th 2011 ....I have been working with Toby today on a new exercise called "Touch y' Back". He has to lean back, curling his long neck, and rest his chin on his spine. It is a seated exercise. I have been combining the exercise with the also-seated Shuffle to see if he would get confused, the cues being somewhat similar. Mostly he's fine.



This is another fun exercise.The shuffle is what llamas do after they've kushed and want to rearrange their bent legs for comfort. To get them to shuffle again, after all this rearrangement has been done, is fairly easy. I use a clicker for this one. On the understanding that" what you click is what you get"..I capture (click/reward) the shuffle as it is done naturally, a few times and then add a verbal cue and a hand signal. There is a point, however, where the front and back legs get so far apart that the llama gets "all shuffled out" !!

Theshuffle can be seen as part of the combined movements Oscar does in this clip: