"Turn aroundabout"
Video of Dillon spinning
..or "the statue game"


This is merely an extension of targetting. Just a fun thing really. Once the llama is target-wise, it is a simple matter to hold it above his head and, little-by-little, rewarding each small step, move the target around in a circular pattern until target and llama have finally gone full-circle. There is a tendency at first for the llama to turn back before the halfway point to get his reward, but once he has gone beyond this point it is pretty easy to get the full circle. At this stage when the exercise is secure, a verbal cue can be added. I use "Turn aroundabout". Gradually, the target can be dispensed with and, hands now free, a hand sign can be cued in. I use a finger describing an "O" shape in front of the llama's nose.






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December 2014: I've been having a lot of fun training Toby to spin on a seven inch high platform. It's only 2ft x 3ft so he hardly fits on it himself! But he is well motivated and if he puts a foot over the edge, he tries again.