Video of Oscar bell-ringing
..or "the statue game"


This is designed to be a crowd-pleaser! ( It's also a llama-pleaser from the amount of off-cue bell-ringing I get in my yard!!)

The method is simply to target on the bell-rope of a suspended bell, working up from rewarding the merest nudge, through mouthing the rope, right up to shaking the rope and..ding-a-ling..we're there!

It is a simple process to get the llama to approach the bell from a distance. I began just a yard away from the bell, gradually building up to several yards. It was easier for Oscar to return to me rather than go out, as he was motivated by his reward. For my verbal cue I use "Go and ring the bell". For the hand cue I use a right hand thumb, jerking like thumbing a lift.